Having Amsterdam as their backyard, who else would know the city better than Hotel Receptionists? 

From the greenest fragments of the city, the coziest bars and restaurants, to the most aesthetic canals in Amsterdam, our experts know all of the places and activities you can do to experience the city to the fullest! 

Do you want to enjoy tasty cocktails alongside some good music? They know the place where you can order the best espresso martinis and dance until sunrise. 

Are you interested in Amsterdam’s history? They will lead you to the best museums and historical sites throughout the city. 

Or do you simply want to enjoy some good Dutch food? As oxymoronic as it sounds, it does exist, and they will recommend hidden gems only the locals know off!

So why keep these places a secret? We asked our experts if they can take us on a journey through their personal highlights in the most vibrant city: Amsterdam.


David is a team leader and receptionist at Hotel The Delphi, who is originally from Nigeria. He is an avid gourmand who enjoys discovering new restaurants and bars in Amsterdam, one of his favorite bars being the VIC’s bar. With its cozy lighting and modern interior, VIC’s bar is a classy escape from the hubbub of the city, where you can enjoy any drinks you can imagine from their international cocktail menu. 

In addition, he loves visiting African Kitchen, a restaurant located in Gein Shopping center. It is the perfect place to eat Nigerian home cooked food surrounded by a dazzling interior inspired by African culture; a piece of Africa brought to Amsterdam.

Check out VIC’s bar

Check out African kitchen 


Valentina is Hotel Mosaic’s receptionist from Colombia.  In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her friends doing group activities around the city, one of which is an outing at Westerpark: starting from noon you and your friends can have lunch at the Bakkerswinkel and eat lekker-Dutch sandwiches made with their special Brood van Menno. After that, you can burn calories by exploring both the old and new parts of the park, a piece of nature and history in the bustle of the city. Lastly, as the sun begins to set, enjoy the evening sky with a glass of good beer and some snacks at Pacific, where on Fridays and Saturdays you and your friends can dance the night away on their dancefloor!

Check out Bakkerswinkel 

Check out Westerpark 

Check out Pacific 


Marilou is the team leader for hotel Amsterdam Inn, hotel Plantage, and hotel Museum Lane, who came from the Philippines. In her leisure time, usually in the evening, she enjoys exploring the city, where the buildings and the canals are illuminated wonderfully by the city lights. In love with the night aesthetic, one of the events she would enjoy is the Amsterdam Light Festival; an event where artists from all around the world create beautiful elaborate light installations and displays spread throughout the canals of the city. You will surely be illuminated with awe and wonder when you have the chance to visit! Come with a partner, it will surely be a romantic night indeed 😉

Check out Amsterdam canals 


Sirene is a receptionist at Museum Lane Hotel originating from the Africa. In love with the cityscape of Amsterdam, she loves wandering around the urban landscape in the city! When she wants to relax and do a little bit of window shopping, walking around the De 9 Straatjes would be her go-to spot. There, you can find multiple shopping streets in between the historical canals of Amsterdam! And when wants to spend time in a cafe or a bar, De Pijp would be her choice, where you can find the most hip bars and cafes in Amsterdam.

Check out De 9 Straatjes 

Check out De Pijp 


Diego is a receptionist at Hotel Mosaic who is half Spanish and half Venezuelan. With a passion for music, for his leisure he enjoys night outs with his friends at bars or clubs; he highly recommends the nightlife in Amsterdam! From reggaeton, hip-hop, dance, to techno music, you can find a club for any kind of music you like. An avid electronic music listener, Diego recommends  the more underground club scene in places like Radion, or Shelter, where you can, on some specific nights, experience a rave and enjoy techno music in the best (right) way. Other clubs like NYX or Melkweg are also people’s favorite as they play a variety of music depending on the events being held that night!

Check out clubs in Amsterdam 

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