Nothing is as permanent as change. Yet we often seem to find it very difficult to leave the familiar past behind us.  From choosing new friendships or relations, changing eating patterns, to setting a new course with your company. We prefer to postpone it, even though we know it will deliver better results and lead to growth. 

For the past two years, corona has forced us to change continuously. We, at We Are Key, have also had to adjust every month (or rather every week). Although it has cost a lot, we can also say that it has yielded us a lot. We have learned new things and are now stronger than ever before. So why change and how? Here are the 10 most important tips & reasons in our opinion:

“Companies that don’t change are less likely to survive than those that do.”

  1. Change equals growth  

You cannot avoid change. But that’s a good thing! Your organization is growing, you see room for improvements and adjustments, you develop new products and/or services, or you discover new insights about different aspects of your market. However small or big, these changes lead to growth. From you personally, from your colleagues or even from the entire company.

  1. You eat an elephant one bite at a time 

Change can be a difficult process that not everyone in your company is ready for. That’s why we often (quickly) give up. This stops you when you want to start something (those bears on the road that we all know). Therefore, consider what your first step is. Many steps in succession eventually lead to the desired large end result. So one small change at a time!

  1. Hard work always pays off

Every organization strives to develop and improve its position. This can be in the financial field, but also in the field of working environment, well-being, cooperation, efficiency, quality and so on. We all know that unfortunately nothing will improve on its own: these changes take effort and cooperation. But… ‘hard work always pays off’.

  1. Flexible to work 

Frequent changes allow you to easily adapt your products and/or services to changed market conditions, but also to new environments, new situations and new people. As a result, you do not panic quickly when something unexpected happens and you can move flexibly with the changes that come your way.

  1. Check the view from another mountain top

You can have a completely different view of the same valley from one mountaintop as you can from another. So look at things from a completely different perspective. It can help to bring in external parties to paint an objective and new picture. As a result, you may be able to come up with new innovative or creative ideas that will positively change your company!

“Success is not the end, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to keep going that makes the difference.”

  1. Wake up call

Just shake things up again. Sometimes we can be in a pattern or rhythm that doesn’t encourage us to think creatively. The moment you turn things around or make changes, people wake up and are stimulated again (tip: do this in a constructive way). For example, change the collaboration between teams, or the setups in the office.

  1. Overcoming means strength 

“Success is not the end, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to keep going that makes the difference.” -Winston Churchill. Not all changes lead to positive results for your company. Unfortunately, life isn’t always a bed of roses. Hard things happen often enough and you will face quite a few challenges. That said, overcoming a rough patch will make you and your business stronger. Very cliché, but in our opinion certainly true (we say that from our own experience).

  1. A new beginning, a new chapter

Every change has a downside. It’s about closing a chapter and opening a new one. Changes bring excitement and new beginnings to life. Often a new beginning takes place when an organization wants to close a negative period. You can choose what to focus your attention on: the closing of something old, or the beginning of something new?

  1. Let it go

You never know in advance what each change will bring. When you deviate from your usual path, there will always be different possibilities waiting for you. Exciting? Yes, of course. But also very nice! If you don’t cling to the only image you have created in your head, you suddenly start to see a lot of opportunities. Change also brings many new possibilities and outcomes with it!

  1. People are the key to success

Life without changes would be extremely predictable, boring and monotonous. So try to embrace change instead of resisting or avoiding it and take the easy way out. Encourage people in your company to come up with new ideas and be their biggest cheerleader. Not everything may work, but get that ball rolling. For example, stimulate people by asking them questions such as: what do you want to learn apart from your current role? What do you still want to develop personally? Or, how would you do it if this were your business? Take them with you in your journey, because ultimately you do it together and people within the organization are the key to success. It is for this reason that we have recently been called ‘WE are key.’

You are not alone!

We Are Key went through a rebranding phase at the beginning of 2022. Leaving the corona pandemic behind us, a new fresh start, changing wishes of our target groups and the change in the market have played a major role in our repositioning.

Our team has a lot of expertise in the field of change that we would like to share with you. Therefore We Are Key offers change management training. Curious about the possibilities for your company? Feel free to send us an email or take a look at our website!


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