Dear partner,

Open Hiring is revolutionizing Amsterdam’s job market, fostering inclusivity and diversity by redefining recruitment practices. This approach offers job opportunities without traditional screening, guided by the belief that everyone deserves a chance, irrespective of their past experiences or qualifications. Let’s explore the roots of open hiring and how We Are Key (WAK) has integrated this transformative method into their recruitment framework.

The Roots of Open Hiring:

Open hiring emerged in the early 1980s when Greyston Bakery pioneered the idea of providing job opportunities without traditional screening, challenging hiring norms. This philosophy gained momentum with businesses like Challenges Unlimited and The Body Shop, creating a global movement. Today, open hiring operates on a streamlined model, emphasizing equal opportunities based on motivation and potential rather than traditional screening. 

Our Approach at We Are Key:

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, We Are Key has not only embraced open hiring but has infused it with our unique spirit. Our journey towards becoming a certified supplier in Open Hiring reflects our unwavering commitment to unlocking potential and reshaping the narrative around recruitment. On June 29, 2023, we proudly completed a course provided by the NBBU in collaboration with “Wasbeer & Pauw,” earning us certification as a supplier in Open Hiring.

Celebrating untapped potential

At We Are Key, open hiring is not seen as a compromise; it’s a celebration of the untapped potential within individuals. We acknowledge that open hiring may not be universally applicable, especially for positions requiring hard skills. However, we’ve ingeniously incorporated open hiring into roles like housekeeping, where we believe it can make a significant impact. By shifting our focus to the person behind the CV, we seek to understand the personality, behaviors, and learning abilities of our applicants. This paradigm shift recognizes that work attitude is rooted in character, and the necessary job skills can be taught.

A bold move toward inclusivity

In essence, Open Hiring might be a bold and unconventional move for some, but at We Are Key, we encourage a shift in perspective. Open Hiring isn’t just a hiring strategy; it’s a celebration of diversity, a recognition of untapped potential, and a step toward a more inclusive future.

A message for businesses

So, if your business is still hesitating about diving into open hiring, We Are Key has a message for you: Dive in, embrace the change, and witness the transformative power of giving everyone a chance. Open hiring is not about lowering your demands on employees; it’s about increasing your trust in the potential of people. Together, let’s create a workplace that values diversity and inclusivity, one opportunity at a time.