The SNA certification, also known as the labor standards register, is specifically designed for the temporary employment sector and contractors of work. Its purpose is to mitigate the risks faced by those hiring labor and employers of work. This certification also encompasses staffing agencies like We Are Key, as they are providers of labor.

 According to current legislation, these entities face potential liability if labor obligations are not fulfilled by the lending company or subcontractor. Companies holding the SNA certification undergo periodic audits to ensure compliance with their labor obligations, thereby reducing risk for both the hirer and the work outsourcer.

Thorough Assessment of Labor Obligations for SNA-Certified Organizations

Companies holding an SNA certification undergo evaluation of their labor-related responsibilities, which include:

  • Company identification
  • Declaration and timely remittance of owed wage taxes and value-added tax (applicable in the Netherlands)
  • Ensuring wage payments comply with the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act
  • Conducting identity verification and confirming eligibility to work in the Netherlands
  • Mitigating potential risks associated with liability claims and fines resulting from labor outsourcing or lending.

Renewed SNA Certification: We Are Key’s Commitment to Excellence

At We Are Key, we are committed to being the optimal employer for our flexworkers and a trusted partner for your hotel. We’re delighted to share that We Are Key has successfully passed the SNA inspection, reaffirming our status as an SNA certified agency since 2022.

Find here our certification!

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