We Are Key Referral Program

Become the hero of your network as you refer, earn, and revel in the glory of a referral adventure like no other.

How it works

Stap 1

Recommend We Are Key

If you’re a current partner or collaborator, here’s your chance to spread the word about our exceptional services. Recommend us to your network and let them experience the quality that sets us apart.

Step 2

Engage with us!

Once the referred business engages with our services and officially becomes a partner, it’s time for you to reap the rewards. As the referrer, you become eligible for exciting incentives that recognize and appreciate your valuable contribution to our growing network.

Step 3


For each successful referral, you have the opportunity to earn enticing incentives. Whether it’s a financial reward or an additional service, we want to show our gratitude for your commitment to expanding our network and helping us connect with businesses that matter.

Frequently asked questions about the referral program

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?


There is no specific limit to the number of referrals you can make. We encourage active participation and appreciate your efforts in helping us connect with new partners.

Who is eligible to participate in the referral program?


Our referral program is open to all existing partners and collaborators who have a genuine interest in promoting We Are Key's services. If you're passionate about what we do, you're eligible to join the referral adventure!

Can I refer existing clients or contacts who have engaged with We Are Key before?


To qualify, referrals must be new, qualified leads who have not engaged with We Are Key previously. We're looking to expand our network, and your referrals should pave the way for exciting new partnerships.

How are rewards determined in the referral program?


Rewards are based on successful referrals that lead to a signed partnership agreement with engagement of our services. Once the new referral is invoiced, you’ll receive your reward.

How are successful referrals notified?


Details of the successful engagement and information on earned rewards will be communicated immediately and directly to the referrer via email.

How do I claim my rewards after a successful referral?


Every successful referral will be rewarded with a financial incentive. The more successful referrals you give us, the more benefits you earn based on the category you fit it: Classic, Exclusive or Royal Member.

How is the financial incentive calculated?


After confirming that the referred business is new, qualified, and has engaged with our services according to the terms of the program, the financial incentive will be determined as follows:

  • Referral successfully leads to a signed partnership agreement with engagement of our services
  • The referrer receives a 200 Euro discount on their invoice for the following month as a financial incentive once the referred business is firstly invoiced

What criteria defines a successful partnership agreement with We Are Key?


A successful partnership agreement is characterized by a mutual understanding and commitment between We Are Key and the referred business. It involves a signed contract, active engagement with our services calculated as follows:

  • Full-timer: contract for minimum 3 months
  • Part-timer: contract for minimum 6 months

What happens if there are changes to the program?


Any updates or adjustments to the program will be communicated transparently through our official channels. Participants will be informed in advance of any changes, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Does the reward structure apply retroactively in this program?


The rewards are applicable only to referrals received since the referral program's initiation on November 27, 2023.

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