Growing your career

“Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.”
Are you waiting for the next opportunity? Stop waiting and start today with growing your career path. You take the first step and we are here to encourage you every step of the way.

How we help you grow

  • Step 1

    Find your best match

    Let’s get to know each other! We aim to find you a great job matching your personality.
  • Step 2

    Train & learn

    Receive proper training at the hotel to learn all the ins-and-outs about your new position.
  • Step 3

    Stay connected

    We stay up-to-date with how things are going: 1-1 meetings, check-in moments and evaluations.
  • Step 4

    Grow within the company

    Ready for the next step in your career? We encourage you to grow with us. Share with us what you want, and together we start the process of getting you there.

Growth stories

  • "As soon as I arrived in the Netherlands I found my first job opportunity at We Are Key. I did not speak English or Dutch, but that was not a problem. I received the necessary training and started working as a housekeeper. Sometime later I moved to the position of supervisor, and today I am the person responsible for training, supervising and evaluating housekeepers. I am happy working in a multicultural environment having contact with different languages."

    Luciana Pantoja

    Housekeeper supervisor

  • "At We Are Key, my journey began as a hotel receptionist, where I discovered my passion for the hospitality industry. Inspired by their learning environment, I reached out to We Are Key and was given the opportunity to expand my horizons. Now, I've transitioned to working behind the scenes as a marketing intern, not just pursuing my passion but thriving in it!"

    Zena Bruin

  • "Joining the We Are Key family has been a defining chapter in my professional story. With each transition—from front office and administration to HR Management—I've been met with opportunities to expand my skills and make meaningful contributions to our collective success. As I progressed further, I found myself immersed in a culture that values diligence and fosters ambition. We Are Key isn't just a workplace; it's a supportive community where success stories like mine are made possible!"

    Gabriela Maneva

  • "I started my journey with We are Key in 2022 when I got a position as a receptionist, I had a great manager who supported me in the learning process and with my knowledge of Mews. As new people joined, I had the opportunity to train and guide them through the hotel system and operations. In October of the same year, I began my pricing and revenue management training. In 2023 I worked in the reception of some other hotels and simultaneously my interest in the hospitality industry grew through my training.  I am currently the revenue manager of HSU Group hotels and I'm still developing my skills to become a senior revenue manager by leveraging relevant data and crafting revenue strategies for the future of the hotel business. Additionally I got the opportunity to get certified in Mews, and develop further with the system. We are key gave me the opportunity to grow and develop myself professionally."

    Valentina Ferro

  • "When I first started working with We Are Key, I was hired on the role of a team leader for Hotel Mosaic where I was in charge of a small team of 10 people. Later on, we sold the hotel and I wanted to learn more about the business side of hospitality from a back office perspective. Having 5 years of hospitality experience and also a background in sales, We Are Key gave me the opportunity to work as an Account Manager for the office team. They provided me with the training opportunities where I could further develop other sales related skills needed for my role, and also supported me in achieving an official Mews Certification. Now I'm working as a Medior Account Manager and a Mews Deployment Partner and I enjoy the dynamic of my work and the learning opportunities"

    Roberta Popia

  • "We Are Key is a company that symbolizes growth. It is learning for the newest, and development for the experienced. I appreciate We Are Key to allow me to have my first job in the Netherlands."

    Maria Florencia Azpeitia

    Front Desk Receptionist

  • "We Are Key has well-structured HR services. Whenever I need to hire new team members, We Are Key will find someone efficiently and quickly according to my requirements."


    Manager in Vondel Garden Hotel

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