So you are anxiously nervous about the upcoming job interview. What you’ll say and what you will wear. You’re probably overthinking how it will turn out. It’s pretty normal to experience these feelings especially leading up to the day of the interview.  There are multiple approaches that you can take for preparing for an interview.  The first step is to take a “deep breath”  breath -in and breathe-out. Repeat this 3 times for 5 minutes. —Now you  are starting to feel more at ease and less anxious. Your mind is clearer and now you are ready for take off:

What is the first interview like?

Usually, the introductory process involves an one-on-one interview by a telephone call interview or virtual-video interview with our recruitment consultants at We Are Key. The goal of the interview is to identify the person job-fit to the job and personality-fit to the culture of the company. To meet ends with this, our objective is to get to know you better, and learn about your work experiences, job knowledge, skills and abilities. During the interview there will be structured and unstructured interview questions that you will be asked. 

Typical structured interview questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why are you interested/motivated in the position?
  3. What is the reason you want to leave your current employer?
  4. Why are you interested in working for  X or Y company?
  5. What do you know about the company?

Unstructured interview questions: in general can relate to your personality, teamwork abilities, “ situational work experiences” for example you sharing steps how would overcome a challenge at work. Another good example is providing how well you handle feedback and to give an example of this. The interview questions normally are linked to your knowledge of the job, level of skills and experiences you have. 

Fast forwarding to the 3 most effective ways that can help anyone prepare and feel positive for any job interview.

Plan : 

  • Research the company. See if you can find out anything about the company’s values and culture, and include any information which shows you fit in
  • Visit the company’s website, read blogs that you find  interesting. 
  • Screen the company’s activity on LinkedIn activities.
  • Read reviews of former and current employees on
  • Determine why you are interested in working for the company.

Prepare [K] [S] [A] Questions: 

  • Read the job description carefully and make sure that you understand all the job requirements.
  • Connect your job knowledge, skills and work experience to the job description.
  • Take a moment to identify your relevant achievements and include them in your answers. 
  • Apply the STAR Method to provide  clear and concrete a real examples of your work experience and knowledge: 

 Practice an interview script:

  • Practice asking yourself the questions out loud, you can do this by recording your answers,  or simply  ask a friend to role play. 
  • Prepare a pitch why you want the job and why you’re qualified. Motivate your explanation, your interest in the opportunity and why you’re the best person for the role.
  • Write down relevant questions that can be asked based on the position you’ve applied for. Use examples of ready available online questions.