Cost control is the practice of identifying and reducing business expenses to increase profits. Before diving in, it’s important to understand the different hotel costs to help you make more informed decisions. Fixed costs generally remain the same and often cannot be changed without drastic changes, whereas variable costs can fluctuate day-to-day, and therefore are easier to control. Let’s guide you on implementing cost-saving measures without decreasing the quality of your hotel:

1) Analyze your expenses: The first step is to take some time to know where your expenses are going. In hospitality, small details matter more than we think when it comes to reducing hotel costs! It’s important to continuously analyze your expenses to ensure the measures you implement are effective.

2) Utilize technology: Onsite softwares are increasing your hotel costs due to its regular software licenses and recurring maintenance fees. You can reduce your expenses by investing in a software that centralizes all your services into a single suite, such as Mews PMS. This way your hotel can streamline daily operations and reclaim your valuable hours.

3) Employ self-check ins: Automation is the future of our industry. Though it can never replace the personal touch guests receive from receptionists, it can reduce your administrative work immensely! With this efficiency, it opens up a new realm for your receptionists to focus on your guests, paving the way for tailored and unforgettable stays! Luckily, Mews PMS also allow guests to check-in remotely. Tip: you can use this software further by collecting data to deliver a more personalized experience!

4) Practice preventive maintenance: This involves regularly inspecting your facilities and systems to prevent unexpected breakdowns. While some are unavoidable, following a maintenance schedule decrease the chances of sudden breakdowns. Thus, helping your hotel reduce expenses by maintaining equipment for a longer time. Reach out to WeAreKey if your hotel is looking for preventive maintenance services!

5) Incorporate energy saving measures: One of the largest hotel expenses is energy consumption. To reduce costs, hotels can implement energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources. Not only will this lead to long-term savings, but it’s an opportunity for your hotel to become more sustainable, which can be attractive to guests!

If your hotel is interested in transitioning to Mews PMS, at WeAreKey we offer extensive support and training to ensure a smooth process. In addition, we customize all our trainings to your hotel’s unique needs, ensuring you will be able to operate Mews to its full potential. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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