So, you’ve scored that interview for the job you’re after. What’s next? In today’s interconnected world, online interviews are more common than ever. It’s important to prepare well, regardless of the interview format. As a recruiter myself I have encountered many memorable online interviews in which the candidate could have left a better impression by simply preparing a bit more.  In order to help you make a strong impression on your potential employer I present you a complete guide to help you get ready! 

Test Your Technology

Make sure that your computer, webcam, and microphone are in good working condition. The last thing you want is to be late due to technical issues. And did you already check if the link is working? 

Create a professional environment

Choose a quiet, well-lit space free from distractions. Position your camera at eye level and maintain a clean, professional background. 

Tip: Did you know that in online meeting platforms such as  google meets, zoom and teams you can choose a background of your choice? This way you don’t need to redecorate in order to create a professional background. 

Dress up

The first impression is everything! Make sure you dress right for the job you’re applying for and keep up with your grooming like you would for an in-person interview. Pajamas and hoodies are definitely a no-no for online interviews too!

Research the company and role

Show real interest in the job you are applying for by researching the company and role. Prepare questions about the company and the role and decide for yourself why you would be the right fit for this position. 

Practice your responses

Just like any other interview, it’s a good idea to think about typical interview questions and get ready with your answers. Take a look at the job description to understand what the recruiter is seeking. For instance, if they want someone who’s “proactive,” think of a situation that demonstrates your proactive nature.

Virtual manners

Your body language and facial expressions matter in online interviews, just like they do in regular conversations. Show you’re engaged by nodding, smiling, and making eye contact. Listen carefully and avoid cutting in when others are speaking.

By following these steps and putting in some time to prepare well, you’ll be all set for your online interview. Even though it’s virtual, with a bit of planning and practice, you’ll make a great impression and land that job you want.