Mews Training

At We Are Key, we are Mews certified, which means we can advise and train hotel staff or owners on the use of Mews as a PMS system.

Mews Training at We Are Key

At We Are Key, we are Mews certified, which means we can advise and train hotel staff or owners on the use of Mews as a PMS system. Our Mews training covers comprehensive basic skills for receptionists to advanced training for managers and system administrators for the back office.

We offer tailored support so that hotels can make the most of Mews and improve their operational efficiency. Discover everything about our Mews training and implementation on this page. Would you like to contact us directly? You can! Just click on the link below!

Why Choose We Are Key as your Mews training partner?

Big Hospitality Network

We have years of experience in the hospitality industry ourselves, allowing us to respond quickly, know exactly what to expect, and understand which qualities are important.

Follow up & Assistance included in the price: we are always there to assist you

Hospitality experts

We Are Key is only working with hospitality experts. All team members have extensive knowledge of working in hotels, restaurants and events. 

Provide quality training 

We offer training and growth for every flexworker, such as hospitality training, communication training or effective leadership training.

Mews Training (Basic, Advanced, Admin)

At We Are Key, we offer various Mews trainings tailored to reception staff, managers, and back-office staff of hotels.

  1. Mews Basic: A program designed to equip your hotel’s reception team with the essential aspects of Mews, including navigating the user interface, managing reservations, and handling check-ins and check-outs. The emphasis of the training will depend on the hotel’s needs and will be adjusted accordingly. The training also covers problem-solving techniques, enabling the front office to independently address common issues.
  2. Mews Advanced: Dedicated to managers and supervisors to enhance leadership skills within the hospitality industry and provide an in-depth understanding of advanced features and strategies within Mews. This training is designed to strengthen decision-making with the tools needed to drive strategic initiatives and optimize overall hotel and revenue performance.
  3. Mews Admin: This back-office training specializes in configuration, setup, and system administration. With this training, administrators gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and optimize Mews at a management level. Mews Admin covers a range of advanced topics, including user rights, security configuration, accounting, and property setup.

Choose a Mews training

  • Step 1

    Mews Basic Especially for the reception team of your hotel

    • Easily manage reservations and check-ins/outs.
    • Effectively navigate the user interface.
    • Independently resolve common issues.
    • Enhance knowledge of Mews to ultimately prevent user errors.
    • Improve guest satisfaction through using streamlined processes.
    • Increase revenue through effectively using the PMS features.
  • Step 2

    Mews Advanced Especially for managers and supervisors of your hotel

    • Optimize hotel and revenue performance through informed decision-making.
    • Utilize revenue management tools to effectively maximize profits.
    • Lead your team in optimizing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction through customized solutions.
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of Mews PMS's advanced features and strategies.
    • Interpret and leverage in-depth analytical reports for strategic decision-making.
    • Foster collaboration and alignment among your team through sharing advanced knowledge and insights obtained from this course.
  • Step 3

    Mews Admin Especially for the back office of your hotel

    • Configure security settings to safeguard private guest information.
    • Establish property settings to ensure seamless operations with Mews.
    • Set up accounting functions tailored to your hotel's specific needs.
    • Configure payment gateways to facilitate smooth operational processes.
    • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and practices for data security.
    • Collaborate effectively with other departments to ensure a smooth operation and integration of Mews PMS into your overall hotel process.

Not interested in taking Mews training but implementing Mews?

Considering switching management systems? Don’t worry: We’re here to guide you through every step of the Mews implementation. Our comprehensive assistance includes planning nine phone calls with you and your team. During these calls, we’ll guide you through each step of the installation process to ensure that your hotel is fully prepared for the specified go-live day.

With our dedicated support, you can confidently embrace your new PMS system and smoothly transition to its operation. Interested in taking advantage of our assistance in implementing Mews? Feel free to send a WhatsApp message, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Mews training

Discover below the most frequently asked questions about our Mews training and the implementation of the PMS system.

Do you offer certifications to participants who have completed any of the training services?


Absolutely! We offer certifications to trainees who have successfully completed any of our training services. These certifications serve as evidence of your skill and expertise in effectively using Mews PMS. We aim to acknowledge your dedication to learning and improving your skills within the hospitality industry.

Does the reward structure apply retroactively in this program?


The rewards are applicable only to referrals received since the referral program's initiation on November 27, 2023.

How are rewards determined in the referral program?


Rewards are based on successful referrals that lead to a signed partnership agreement with engagement of our services. Once the new referral is invoiced, you’ll receive your reward.

How do I claim my rewards after a successful referral?


Every successful referral will be rewarded with a financial incentive. The more successful referrals you give us, the more benefits you earn based on the category you fit it: Classic, Exclusive or Royal Member.

How are successful referrals notified?


Details of the successful engagement and information on earned rewards will be communicated immediately and directly to the referrer via email.

Can individuals from different departments attend the same training?


Although our training programs are tailored to specific roles (front office, management, back office), we can organize combined sessions for teams from different departments if necessary. This promotes collaboration and ensures alignment in understanding and using Mews across various functions within the hotel.

Are the trainings conducted on-site or remotely?


The trainings can be conducted remotely (online) or on-site. We adapt to your preferences and circumstances. You can choose whether you prefer to take the Mews training on-site or online.