We assist you in your search for the right employee

We use our vast network and extensive knowledge of the labour market to find the right match. With the largest selection of candidates, we find the employee that fits your company in no time!

What we offer


We find and select a talented employee that suits your company


The right people at the times you need them


You determine the period for which you hire staff


We take care of the whole HR process

How does our recruitment process work?

  • Step 1

    Profiling You inform us about a vacancy at your company

    • We collate information about your company, the workplace and work culture
    • We gather as much information about the role, duties and responsibilities that a successful candidate will be expected to perform
    • We run a profile check to find the right match
    • Once we have all the required information mentioned above, we come up with a detailed job description
  • Step 2

    Searching We publish the vacancy

    • The vacancy will be published on our website
    • We pool in prospective candidates from our database and networks
    • The vacancy is also shared on our social media
    • Our experienced recruiters do a targeted search in our database and through other channels
  • Step 3

    Screening We identify suitable candidates

    • We conduct screening interviews to identify the right candidate
    • We select the candidate based on his/ he​r​ competencies, skills and whether they fit within the team
    • We also conduct a reference check as a part of the process (minimum 2)
    • We provide relevant information about the role and the company to the candidate and coordinate their wishes and expectations
  • Step 4

    Interviewing Time you get to know your candidate

    • We aim to choose 2 or more candidates that we deem fit for the role, depending on your wishes and the availability in the market
    • Information about the shortlisted candidates are sent to you
    • We coordinate and schedule an interview wherein both you and the candidate are present
    • We discuss your feedback on the candidate. Based on that we either decline the candidate or set up a follow up appointment
  • Step 5

    An Offer We facilitate on the terms of employment

    • Once a decision is finalised, we inform you and the candidate
    • The terms of employment are discussed and agreed upon
    • Contract and confirmation letters are formally sent
  • Step 6

    Supervision We provide guidance and support to the candidate and to you

    • Supervision of the candidate’s first working day
    • Evaluation after the first week, with both you and the candidate
    • Further guidance and support is provided to you and the candidate

Let’s get you started!

Whether you have a general query or need specific advice for employee placements, we are always there to assist you.