We Are Key treats each candidate equally without prejudice and every job seeker who has submitted their application has a fair chance of being considered for a position . Every candidate is evaluated per job function / role to ensure ethically non-discriminatory or non-biased behaviors are practiced. Key hospitality goes through a step-by-step hiring process before hiring applicants for a job position.

1. Job applications

The job application process  requires applicants to submit a resume and cover/ motivational letter during the application process. When an applicant submits his or her application for  a particular job role, this is shown in the job vacancies pipeline in CATS one.

2. CV Screening

As candidates submit their application they are moved through the recruitment  process, where  each applied is screened and shortlisted. All applications are reviewed and evaluated based on relevant work experiences which should specify a clear description of  the role, tasks and responsibilities fulfilled in current or previous work.

3. Job Interviews

During the evaluation process, if a potential candidate is  a fit for a position he or she is contacted via email and an invitation is sent for an introductory phone interview. Candidates who aren’t invited for an interview receive a feedback email.

4. Selection & Hire

The selection process is aimed at finding and hiring the best candidates for job openings. When a potential candidate has been deemed suitable for the position, this is determined by the requirements that are set out  in the job vacancy.  The decision to move forward with candidates involves the clients,  recruiters and hiring managers of We Are Key.