As the summer season approaches, staff vacations and increasing tourists become a challenge. Learning from our own chaotic experiences, now is the perfect time to ensure your hotel is equipped with a reliable and ready team. With this in mind, we want to share our new structure that allows all your staff to enjoy their vacations without causing scheduling conflicts. Read our tips here:

1 Guidelines

We recommend starting by establishing clear guidelines for holiday requests. At We Are Key, we require a minimum of two months’ notice for vacation requests. This approach fosters fair and smooth planning, and we’ve seen an increase in staff satisfaction!

2 Schedules

Now it’s time to craft a comprehensive overview of all planned holidays. In a busy industry like ours, it’s easy to overlook such details and accidentally grant multiple team members the same vacation days. By keeping track of who will be absent and when, you can avoid these scheduling conflicts.

3 Communication

With this, we’ve learned the importance of cultivating open communication within your team. To avoid misunderstandings and disappointments, We Are Key ensures our holiday schedule is easily accessible to the entire team. This way, you empower your team members to choose vacation days that best suit your hotel’s needs.

4 Solutions

Lastly, make sure to plan for coverage on days when team members are absent. Partnering with We Are Key grants you access to our pool of trained receptionists and housekeepers, specially curated for the holiday season. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how to meet your staffing needs!

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