Aggression & De-escalation

Aggression & De-escalation training: guarantee safety for your staff and guests

Does your team know how to guarantee safety for themselves and their environment?

Safety for your team and guests is essential. Whether it’s about a difficult conversation, an aggressive person or about a robbery: many people do not know how to act and what to do in such a stressful and challenging situation. Yet, this knowledge makes the difference for the success of your horeca business.

Safety First

Your staff is the face of the organization. Therefore, it’s important that they feel confident in their role. Especially now more robberies occur in hotels and restaurants, and the corona pandemic is leading to tension and uncertainty.

What’s in it for me?

During the training Aggression & De-escalation we teach people to

  • Recognize and control emotions
  • Recognize and communicate boundaries
  • Develop communicative skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • Develop confidence
  • Know how to regulate aggression and de-escalation

This leads to…

  • A strong and independent team
  • A safe environment for staff and guests
  • A motivated team, trust and connection between colleagues
  • Stability
  • Growth and success for your business

Why the training of We Are Key?

The training is customized, has a personal approach and is unique for your business

Share with us your challenges and needs and we built the training around it.

We have many years of experience working with the hospitality sector: we understand you.

The training can be given in English

Makes it easy to understand and accessible for an international team!

We work together with Marquito Carrillo

He is an experienced and certified security guard, professional coach in the field of aggression, communicative skills and de-escalation, and with extensive knowledge of the horeca branche.


There will be training sessions starting from January 2022. Be quick with your registration, because the list is almost full!


The training sessions will be given in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Doubts or questions?

Please, contact us : or send a Whatsapp to +31617119719.

Contact us for more information and to enroll in our training programs.

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