In today’s world, we see many online stores having adopted personalization, but what does this mean for hotels? It means tailoring your services to each guest’s preferences, so it requires understanding and anticipating their expectations. With the rise of technology, We Are Key believes that personalization is no longer a trend but an expectation, and with the following tips from us, it isn’t expensive or complicated to put into practice.

Pre-stay emails

Sending an email before your guests’ arrival gives you the perfect opportunity to start the personalization process. In this email, you can incorporate a survey designed to find out about your guests’ preferences and reasons for their stay. This way, you can provide tailored recommendations immediately upon arrival. Bonus: send a sincere message to your guests if they are celebrating a special occasion!

Tailored experiences

With this, you can begin tailoring recommendations based on your guests’ profiles. For example, families traveling with young children may appreciate babysitting services and child-friendly museums. To advance this, you can consider partnering with local businesses to offer personalized packages.

A new channel of communication

As quoted by Matthijs Welle (CEO of Mews), “Hotels who want to offer a personalized but modern experience should consider new ways to connect with guests.” Find a way where your guests can contact you 24/7; we see many hotels doing this with WhatsApp. Your guests will appreciate you letting them know when their room is ready, offering directions around the city, and even asking them if they’d like you to book any reservations!

Share insider tips

Tourists are increasingly wanting to go beyond the main attractions and immerse themselves in culture. We need to recommend places that we, locals , would enjoy ourselves. Not only does this allow your guests to leave with an authentic experience, but it also provides you an opportunity to connect your guests with your staff. It’s interactions like these that enable your guests to feel a personal connection to your hotel. For more tips on giving your guests an authentic experience in Amsterdam, check out our last post!

Loyalty programs

Creating a loyalty program is the simplest way to encourage your guests to come back. Offer personalized improvements from guest feedback and offer exclusive rewards for their return, such as a room upgrade or a late check-out. When guests feel a hotel understands their needs, they are more likely to return and recommend it to their network!

By incorporating these tips by We Are Key, your hotel can elevate your guests’ experiences by making them feel seen and appreciated, rather than just another number in the books. Give this a try to gather better reviews, enhanced loyalty, and a competitive advantage! What would you like to hear from We Are Key next?

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