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Together we grow...

Together with our partners and colleagues. Our mission to help hotels and restaurants grow through quality HR management and personnel, can only be achieved in collaboration with others who share this mission.

Growth for your hospitality business through quality HR management & staff

We make sure your HR is covered, so you can focus on your own goals




Hospitality Businesses



Why work with us?

Good Human Resource Management

We are your HR partner. We stay connected with the flexworkers, and we make sure all administrative tasks are handled.

Provide quality training 

We offer training and growth for every flexworker, such as hospitality training, communication training or effective leadership training.

Recruitment of great team members

First, we get to know your business, and then we search for the best candidate that matches the working environment and company culture.

The Key Community

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What our partners have to say...

Reviews & Testimonials

  • "Wij werken nu ruim 6 maanden samen met KeyHospitality en zijn zeer te spreken over het goed opgeleide personeel dat uitgezonden word. Ook verloopt het contact en de planning altijd erg soepel."

  • "The friendly representatives are always ready to think along with all the different scenario's presented. We are working with them for almost 2 years and there hasn't been a single case where they could not deliver. We Are Key is a high quality recruitment agency, providing both long and short-term staff who are skillful and easy to work with."

Let’s get you started!

Whether you have a general query or need specific advice for employee placements, we are always there to assist you.

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